Why Can't I order right now for Delivery?

Delivery option are all paused while we participate in our local community Farmers Markets. Please see our "Farmers Market" Tab for our locations near you!

What is a Subscription Product?

All of our items can be added to a "Subscription"
Select your frequency: Weekly, Every other week or Monthly (first week of the month) Add your payment method, and salsa will show up at your door as often as you've selected.

What.. I was charged shipping?!

We know.. its not good to be charged a delivery fee. But we're trying to sustain a delivery service, and this is the one way we're able to offset the crazy rising costs. You can subscribe and get salsa monthly, and that fee is waved of you. Add NBSfree to the promo code line at checkout. 

I got an error message saying I can't get shipping?

If this is so, you either need to add 2 or more items to your cart, or you're out of our delivery zone at this time. 

What Happens if I can't Log in to my Account?

Nino Blanco does not have any access to recover passwords or unlock accounts. please make sure you have your information written down or saved. Worse case scenario, create a new account. :)

What day will my salsa be delivered?

Orders close each Sunday to have time to shop and prep. Our delivery days are Tuesday and Thursday each week. 

What if I place my order after midnight on Sunday or Later in the week? Its before my delivery day? 

At this time, all orders close on Sunday. If you order past Sunday at 5pm, your order will go on the delivery route for the following week.

What if I wont be home when my salsa is delivered?

Please leave a cooler or have access to an insulated box on your porch. We will utilize those when they are available. You will get a confirmation when your order has been delivered. 

What if I have a gate code? 

Please add the gate code or further instructions in the address line "apartment number" ect.

We've had major requests for "no knock" or contactless delivery.  Please check your email on your delivery day, you will be notified there when your order is delivered.